Invitation To The Interior Architecture Committee To Visit Japan With COD

You are all invited to attend the Committee on Design Conference in Japan this November.  If Japan has been on your bucket list, this is a great way to see the best-of-the-best architecture in a short time.  The conference has been planned by our colleagues in the Pacific Northwest along with their extensive contacts in Japan.

The conference registration is open and the information for the event can be accessed through

Specific highlights of the conference you might be interested in include:

  1. 10.5 AIA CES (10.5HSW)NWPR Portion,  21.5 AIA CES (9.5HSW, 3SD) COD Portion
  2. A keynote talk by 2011 AIA Gold Medal recipient, Fumihiko Maki, Hon. FAIA
  3. An all-day tour of Omotesando, known as the ‘architectural fashion catwalk’ of Tokyo, featuring several fashion flagship stores.
  4. An all-day tour of Ginza, Tokyo’s exclusive shopping and dining district, and the Tokyo International Forum (Rafael Vinoli, 1996).
  5. An all-day tour of the Shinjuku district and its concentration of high density business districts.
  6. A visit to the 21st Century Museum by SANAA as well as the Umimirai Library by Coelacanth K&H Architects, (2011) in Kanazawa.

Fumihiko Maki, Hon. FAIA

Omotesando by UNStudio


Tokyo International Forum (Rafael Vinoli, 1996)

Shinjuku District

21st Century Museum by SANAA

Umimirai Library by Coelacanth K&H Architects, (2011)

Speaking from experience these conferences are extremely well organized and full of constant inspiration.  Your batteries will be recharged and you’ll come home with some extraordinary memories.

(One way to help limit the cost of travel is to make use of direct flights from cities on the West Coast to Tokyo. Check the Registration page for more travel tips.)


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