Meet The 2012 AIA COD Architectural Intern Scholars

 The AIA’s Committee on Design offered two scholarships to attend our Spring Conference in Columbus, Indiana, April 12-15 providing all travel expenses and registration to the conference for architectural interns who have a BArch or MArch degree and are Associate Members of the AIA. In return, the Scholars will:

  1. Record through photographs, video, note taking, recording and drawings the places visited.
  2. Record through photographs, video, note taking, recording and drawings the Discussion, Parlor Chat, and other presentations.
  3. Post to the AIA_COD Twitter account as the conference is in session.
  4. Publish 15 blog posts on the COD website, and cross-reference through Facebook and Twitter.  The posts should describe the places visited, lessons learned and your discoveries, and the ideas you garnered during the events.

Meet the Scholars:

Sheena Enriquez graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2011 where, in addition to her studies, she honed her skills in telling a compelling story and reporting objectively. This, in part, lead to her being selected as the student commencement speaker at her graduation last May. Ms. Enriquez served one term as the Vice-President of the AIA Students at the Illinois Institute of Technology. During that time, she represented their chapter at the Grassroots Leadership Conference, AIAS Forum, and the Spring and Fall Midwest Quad Conferences. Sheena is currently employed by the IIT Office of Undergraduate Admission as an Admission Counselor active in recruiting students and in outreach activities to underserved student populations. A cycling enthusiast, Sheena has been characterized as energetic, intelligent, enthusiastic and dedicated in her work to improve the world and can be found communicating her ideas on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Ms. Enriquez’ blog posts may be seen at:

Aaron W. Trahan has been extremely active since graduating from Northeastern University with both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Architecture in 2010 and 2011, respectively.  Not only has he been working full-time at Elkus Manfredi Architects in Boston – gaining experience on projects ranging from single family affordable housing to master planning and large scale developments, he has also been active in the Boston Society of Architects Housing Committee and is a contributing writer on the architecture blog UrbDeZine Boston.  Aaron has been in charge of a social media and web design strategy for the BSA Housing Committee and is well-versed in the digital technologies of blogs, Facebook and Twitter, among others.

Aaron is extremely passionate about sustainable philosophy being successfully integrated into practice and design, and is a strong advocate for sustainable affordable housing, community development, and urban agriculture. You can typically find Aaron riding his bicycle around Boston, looking for a quiet place to read and catch up on work.

UrbDeZine Boston
BSA Housing Committee at!/BSAHousing


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