Memorable Quotes From The COD Spring Conference

Photo: Pre-Conference Symposium: What is Architectural Design Excellence?

By Aaron Trahan, COD Spring Conference Knowledge Scholar

The AIA Committee On Design Spring Conference began with an opening symposium, hosted by the Indiana University Center for Art + Design. The speakers began discussions during this symposium that became the theme for the rest of the conference: What Is Architectural Design Excellence? Throughout, I made a point of writing down memorable quotes that I felt captured the theme of a moderated discussion or a point that our invited panelists were trying to make.

The conference featured moderated and informal discussions with Susan Szenasy of Metropolis, Will Bruder, architect from Phoenix, Ed Feiner, FAIA of Perkins+Will, formerly with the GSA Design Excellence Program, and Jane Weinzapfel, FAIA of Leers Weinzapfel in Boston. We were also honored to hear from Gunnar Birkerts as well as Ben And Cynthia Weese. In noting these quotes, I chose not to credit a specific person to each one. Throughout the conference, we came to a general agreement that design excellence is not about personal style, trends, or celebrity. So I thought it fitting to consider these quotes a product of our discussions, and credit them to everyone who attended the Spring Conference.

It is interesting to note the progression of our theme through these quotes; they are listed chronologically.

Please feel free to comment on these, choose your favorite, or post one that resonated with you from the conference! 

“Pragmatism doesn’t quite raise the hair on the back of your neck”

“Excellence in design makes you want to be there alone and together, at all times of the day”

“What is a building but a series of interior spaces?”

“When the human face is missing, that is not excellence”

“[Excellence] is probably the most overused word after professional”

“[Excellence] is clearly identifiable as an exemplary advancement for its time”

“Architecture is creating the membrane of space”

“An architect takes something circumstantial in our lives and makes it meaningful”

“Architects seem to think that they are the only ones asking the question of excellence”

“Cities are made more of background buildings than foreground buildings”

“Excellence is lyricism through complexity of situations”

“[Excellence in architecture] is not built, it’s born”

“[Design excellence] is harmony through juxtaposition; you understand the old and you understand the new.”

“When the style is a representation of the larger ideas within that building, then it becomes important”

“Style is a term that we apply retroactively”

“If anyone today sets out to create a style, they probably shouldn’t be practicing architecture”

“Maybe as architects we think we are more important than we really are”

“Having core principles about the way you work is essential”

“The cross disciplinary intent of [the younger] generation is powerful”

“Architecture in Columbus is a visual expression of community values”


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