2013 Member Slideshow – Submission Deadline Is April 19th


2012 Spring Conference in Columbus Member Slideshow Attendees

The annual Member Slideshow is always an enjoyable event held at our spring conference.  This year it will be held after the closing dinner on Saturday, May 11, in Palm Springs, California. It is intended to foster a dialogue among committee members about their recent projects.

All COD members are welcome to submit.  Those in attendance at the conference will present their recent work in six images-sixty seconds, as described below.

With your permission, we will also post your work on the COD blog throughout the year.  See here for an example.  If you would like your work included you will need to return the copyright permission form that’s linked to at the bottom of this post.  If you are unable to attend the conference, you are still welcome to submit your work in the same format, along with the permission form, and we will post it on the blog as well.

Friday, April 19: Deadline for Slideshow Submission

Saturday, May 11: Member Slideshow, at 6:00 pm, Palm Springs, CA

There is still time to register for the Spring Conference. See registration information on the COD website here.

Submission Requirements

The format is an informal PowerPoint slide presentation, moderated by Andy King, our Slideshow Coordinator. Each participant will be given one minute to briefly describe their work as their six images are projected.

To participate please submit the following by Friday, April 19:

1. One Title slide labeled with your firm name and including a photograph of you or your firm.

2. Six (6) slides, labeled with firm name, project name, project location, and photo credit if required.

Specifications for Submitting Digital Slides:

Resolution:     96 ppi (pixels per inch)
File Format: Jpg, Optimized (please do not send power point slides)
Document size (this the recommended sizes):
Maximum: 960 x 720 pixels
File size: Maximum: 2 mb

Please send the 7 total images (including the Title Slide) by e-mail to:



Or, mail on a CD to:

Andy King
c/o BBH Design
8708 Brownleigh Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27677-7411

Also, if you would like your work posted on the COD blog site please include with your slides the following permission form – completed in a digital or printed format.

Copyright Permission Form


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