September 11th Memorial

WTC Mem arad

The National September 11th Memorial, titled “Reflecting Absence,” was designed by Michael Arad of Handel Architects along with associate architect Davis Brody Bond. It was completed in 2011. The two pools take up eight of the sixteen acres of the site, which also includes a pedestrian plaza, five office towers, the September 11th Museum, a visitor orientation center, a transportation hub, a performing arts center, and underground services and pathways. Each reflecting pool is 192 feet by 192 feet and aligns with the footprints of the former twin towers. Water cascades along the black Jet Mist granite into a seemingly endless void. Laser cut bronze panels inscribed with the names of all 2,983 victims of the terror attacks in 1993 and 2001 line the perimeter of each pool. The plaza, designed by Peter Walker Partners, is a suspended paving system and contains over 400 swamp white oak trees. The trees create a continuous canopy over the pavers during the summer and produce brilliant colors in the fall. Underground cisterns collect rainwater, which is recycled as irrigation water.

(2011) Arad
Photos: Joe Woolhead

WTC Mem 00.422.11.721


WTC Mem 00.422.11.731


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