7 World Trade Center


Photo: Daved Sundberg

7 World Trade Center was designed by SOM with David Childs as lead designer. Completed in 2006, the building is 52 stories high, contains 1.6 million square feet of leasable office space, and secured a LEED Gold rating. It was the first building completed from the Daniel Libeskind masterplan and it replaces the original building that collapsed soon after the fall of the North Tower in 2001. Designed in collaboration with James Carpenter, the base is clad with a perforated steel screen that meets air flow requirements for the electrical equipment housed on the first ten floors.

The screen also conceals a solid concrete blast-proof base and allows LED lights to filter through at night. The blast-proof curtainwall at the lobby is highly engineered to allow for large expanses of clear uninterrupted glazing. At the back wall of the lobby, a large LED artwork installation by Jenny Holzer uses scale and rotating content to engage pedestrians. At the upper floors, the carefully crafted curtainwall has only faintly visible joints and acts as a mirror that reflects the changes in the sky throughout the day.

(2006) SOM and Carpenter

0211_AK_16edit (571x640)

Photo: Andreas Keller

0306_AK_11_lrg (640x500)

Photo: Andreas Keller


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