Fulton Street Transit Center

0401_PC_FTC_0089 (640x456)

Photo: David Sundberg

Sky Reflector-Net (2013), an integrated artwork for the Fulton Center, is an artist, architect, and engineer collaboration with James Carpenter Design Associates, Grimshaw Architects, and Arup, commissioned by Metropolitan Transportation Authority Arts for Transit and Urban Design and MTA Capital Construction Company. Owned by the New York City MTA, this 366,000 square foot transportation hub connects 11 subway lines, links to the new PATH station, and houses retail shops. Over 275,000 commuters will pass through the hub every day. The four-story oval atrium will be a gracious, light filled civic space that draws passersby to the shops. The atrium features a “sky reflector net,” a hyperbolic paraboloid cable net and reflector panels programmed to optimize the amount and distribution of natural light into the atrium and surrounding platforms. The central atrium is intended to reduce reliance on wayfinding and provide a more intuitive experience for travelers. A series of platforms, stairs, and escalators surrounding the atrium provide links to the surrounding subway platforms, retail shops, and pedestrian tunnels. The glass exterior lies on a street corner, expressing its public nature within the urban context.

(2014) Grimshaw and Arup


Photo: Patrick Cashin, CTA

0401_PC_8551553985_a8d97eca1f_o (640x426)

Photo: Patrick Cashin, CTA




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