National September 11th Museum and Pavilion


The 125,000 square foot museum designed by Davis Brody Bond is located underneath the National September 11th Memorial plaza. The Entry Pavilion designed by Snøhetta rises above street level, providing natural light to the museum and connecting it to the plaza. Two of the original steel tridents from the trade towers are prominently featured in the glass atrium of the Pavilion. The glass facades balance transparency with reflectivity, allowing a clear view of the tridents from the plaza while also reflecting the clouds and canopy of the trees. Once inside, gentle ramps guide visitors along a gradual descent into the museum, and viewing platforms provide a place for exhibits. At the lowest level, or “bedrock” level, a raw, cathedral-like hall features the original column footings and a slurry wall from the fallen towers. These become a backdrop for the salvaged 36 foot tall “last column” which is adorned with images and messages applied by rescuers during the recovery efforts. The original concrete egress stairs, or “Survivor Stairs,” flank the escalators that lead visitors back up to the plaza. The museum will open in the Spring of 2014.

(2014) Snøhetta
Photos: Snøhetta

Natl 9.11 Museum Memorial Pavilion at WTC_credit Snohetta (7) (640x480)

_DSC1200Ark-N 07-2011


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