Standard Hotel

Standard Hotel, July 2009

Photo: Jeff Goldberg

This 200,000 sf boutique hotel by Ennead Architects has 337 guest rooms, a restaurant, lounge, outdoor cafe, spa, conference center and outdoor urban plazas. Owned by André Balazs, it opened in 2009 and is a popular hotspot in the Meatpacking District. The project redefines the traditional hotel model, which usually prioritizes guest privacy and requires thru-wall mechanical units. The High Line and the hotel come together to define new urban spaces. Sculptural concrete legs rise from the ground to support a horizontal podium that floats above the High Line. The massing above the podium is simple, with just a slight rotation in plan at its hinge. The pressure-glazed curtainwall system adds a playful texture and contrasts the rugged, industrial nature of the concrete frame. At the ground floor, the restaurant, plaza and cafe reflect the surrounding eclectic character of the neighborhood, which contrasts cobblestone streets and historic buildings with trendy, high-end shopping and dining.

(2009) Polshek Partnership/Ennead

Standard Hotel, July 2009

Photo: Jeff Goldberg

84 — Final Photography — Interior

Photo Nikolas Koenig


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