The High Line

1674 Photo by Friends of the High Line - 1

Photo: Friends of the High Line

This linear urban park is 1.45 miles long, hovers 30 feet above the ground, and runs from Gansevoort Street to 34th Street on the west side of Manhattan. The park is built upon an old freight rail line that, until 1980, was used to transport meat to the Meatpacking District. Overgrown for decades, the rail line was slated for demolition until the organization The Friends of the High Line convinced the Bloomberg administration to stop the removal and make it into a park. The first section of the park opened in 2011 to high praise and popularity. It was designed by DS+R and James Corner Field Operations. The design captures the eclectic and industrial nature of its past and blurs the line between hardscape and vegetation, public and private and old and new. It temporarily slows down the pace of the city dweller and changes him or her from a participant of the city to a mere observer. Its success has fueled the real estate market in the neighborhood and brought success to local shops and cafes.

(2011) DS+R, James Corner Field Operations

DSC_0491 (640x425)

Photo: Mark Goldberg


DSC_0493 (640x425)

Photo: Mark Goldberg



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