Lincoln Center Alice Tully Hall


Alice Tully Hall was built in 1921 in the Brutalist Style as part of the Lincoln Center campus. The renovation, completed in 2009 by DS+R in collaboration with FXFOWLE, not only modernized the building, but also fixed some inherent problems with the original design. The renovation included the removal of a wide, elevated pedestrian bridge over 65th Street which felt oppressive and disconnected from the city. The former entrance on 65th Street, which was nearly buried under a stair, was  removed. A new glass entrance on the corner now opens up the lobby, making it feel like part of the public plaza along Broadway. The new east facade holds true to the diagonal edge of Broadway, previously ignored by the original building. And, a new corner grandstand in the plaza invites tourists to stop, rest and people watch. Inside the building, the 1,100 person, state-of-the-art performance hall is clad with African hardwood veneer concealing LED lighting, creating a soft continuous glow from every angle of the room.

(2009) DS+R
Photos: Meredith Zanotta




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