Stabile Student Center

STABILE MarbleFairbanks_CUJournalism_1

Completed in 2009, this renovation and addition to a McKim, Mead & White building on the Columbia main campus includes a café, a Social Hub, classrooms, and office space for the Graduate School of Journalism. The architects took advantage of an existing slot between two historic limestone facades to create the cafe. Large, mullionless expanses of glass make the intervention barely visible from the exterior. One of these large panels is operable, allowing the café to open up completely to the campus on nice days. Adjacent to the café is a lounge area referred to as the Social Hub, which is designed to foster interaction between students and faculty. Designed in collaboration with the School, custom fabricated laser-cut metal panels adorn the walls of the Social Hub. The patterns of the metal panels
are a digital interpretation that reflects the School’s teaching culture, which is a combination of traditional methods and modern innovation.

(2009) Marble Fairbanks
Photos: Marble Fairbanks

STABILE MarbleFairbanks_CUJournalism_2

STABILE MarbleFairbanks_CUJournalism_3


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