COD 2014 London Conference: Big Cities | Big Ideas: Borough Market/Viaduct

Photo courtesy of Garry Knigh.

Photo courtesy of Garry Knight.

Borough Market is London’s most renowned food market, providing a large variety of British and international wholesale and retail foods. Located on the southern end of London Bridge, it became one of London’s most important food markets due to its strategic position near the riverside wharves on the Pool of London, a more navigable section of the River Thames.

The present buildings were designed in 1851, with additions in the 1860’s and an Art Deco design entrance added on Southwark Street in 1932. Refurbishment of the market began in 2001 and to date the work includes the re-erection in 2004 of the South Portico from the Floral Hall, previously at Covent Garden, which was dismantled when the Royal Opera House was reconstructed in the 1990’s.

The Thameslink Project altered or demolished a large number of buildings in the Borough Market area. This was immensely unpopular and efforts were made to restore as much of the fabric as possible. The overriding need to remove one of the worst bottlenecks in the national rail network and improve transport options considerably over a large portion of London meant that some damage to the fabric of the market and surrounding area was unavoidable and justified in order for the scheme to achieve its objectives.   (1851)

Click for more information on the Borough Market- Borough Viaduct project.

Photo courtesy of Steve Parker.

Photo courtesy of Steve Parker.

Photo courtesy of Bernt Rostad.

Photo courtesy of Bernt Rostad.


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