Architecture Is A Career Of Life-long Learning by Reiulf Ramstad, HFAIA


An article in Connection Magazine’s Edification issue published in December, 2016 highlighted thoughts from a selection of active COD members on the relationship between COD and life-long learning. The magazine’s space limitations wouldn’t allow for the full text of each contributor so we’re presenting them here in their totality.

Both social values, technology and the state of our climate is a process, rather than a fact, as society today is in constant change. Most professions have to make an active adaption to or an active rejection from, the development regarding some of these themes. Maybe only humans as subjects have to adapt to the development of society as a total process. Apart from that, Architecture is a profession, which is both engaged in the physical and the psychological human needs. As Architects, we can choose to adapt to the trends of society, or we can approach society as an external factor, which opens for both possibilities, questions and threats. Architects thereby have to relate to and understand the development of social, technological and climate changes, in order to either adapt or reject these. In that way, our profession is part of a constant learning process.

In Reiulf Ramstad Architects, we are specifically interested in designing architecture with the place and context in mind, designing for sustainability, using both analog and digital technologies, and dialogue-based processes. In the spring of 2016, I was elevated to Honorary Fellow of AIA, The American Institute of Architects. This was great news to my firm and me. I see this as a recognition of our work, and that the values we have intended to communicate through our work is appreciated. Being elevated to Honorary Fellowship of the AIA gives us support and motivation to continue our mission of making architecture of high quality in all scales. We are looking forward to developing good relations with the US architecture community, and we are also looking forward to seeing our first project in America.
The COD article appears on pages 28-31.




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